Charity event for Project Smile

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The Smile Initiative, a fundraiser that celebrates woman power, was held in Singapore on the 1 st of September 2016. It was a collaboration between Project Smile which provides laudable support to woman in challenging circumstances and noted designers Sonali Jain and Ritu Pande, with the intention to raise significant funds for beneficiaries of Project Smile.

 Project Smile is a Singapore based charity that works diligently to empower and provide financial and vocational assistance as well as psychological and social support to ladies from disadvantaged backgrounds.They have been validated by the Singapore government for their work. 

The Smile Initiative commemorated 17 exceptional women who have achieved distinction in their chosen fields.

The event was graced by Senior Minister of State for Culture, Community, Youth and Trade and Industry, Dr. Sim Ann, who in support of the cause, wore jewelry from Label Divine Raga and clothing from Label Ritu Pande.

Founding Charter Member of the National Arts Council Dr. Uma Rajan was also present. Said Dr. Rajan ' Its a fantastic move by women entrepreneurs who are not just promoting themselves but using their works for a good cause. At the same time, the event which is held in warm and comfortable settings allows for bonding between women of different levels in Singapore- permanent residents, locals & new citizens." 


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